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Tulsa native Isaac Eicher grew up in a musical household and started playing the mandolin at 9 years old. He inherited a multifarious taste of music from his parents, who are both well-accomplished artists- violinist Shelby Eicher and vocalist Janet Rutland. Eicher’s parents played all styles of music including jazz, bluegrass and western swing, in their home as he was growing up. In his teen years, Eicher evolved into an extraordinary musician and began to compete on a national level, winning first place prizes at the Walnut Valley Mandolin Championship in 2006 and Rockygrass in 2010. After graduating high school in 2009, Eicher’s musical journey took a very interesting turn. He enrolled in the University of Oklahoma, and developed a new interest: language arts. Eicher became enamored with the Spanish language and learned it very quickly. To further his studies, he went abroad to Valencia, Spain, to immerse himself fully in the culture. With mandolin in tow, Eicher’s musical style became greatly impacted by the pursuit of learning Spanish. He began to incorporate world music styles like gypsy swing, Brazilian samba, and Cuban montunos to his already strong foundation in jazz and bluegrass music. In 2018, Eicher released his debut solo album “Native Language,” featuring original music arranged for an acoustic quartet. Currently, Eicher resides in Nashville, Tennessee where he performs with a wide range of artists, including wife Marcela Pinilla, and groups such as Hot Club Time Machine, Forrest O’Connor, The Jazz Grass Association, and Giovanni Rodriquez, to name a few. Producers and recording artists also call upon Eicher for his specific sound on the mandolin for their projects.
June 25, 2024
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