Friday, September 9

7:00 – Rhythm Future Quartet with Olli Sokelli and Jason Anick

8:20 – Alfonso Ponticelli and Swing Gitan

9:40 – Harmonious Wail

10:40 – Djam / followed by campfire jams

Saturday, September 10

in the tent;

1:00 – The Olivarez Trio

2:00 – UltraFaux / Hot Club of Baltimore

3:00 – The Russell Welch Hot Quartet

4:00 – Harmonious Wail

in the barn;

5:45 – The Olivarez Trio

7:00 – UltraFaux / Hot Club of Baltimore

8:20 – The Russell Welch Hot Quartet

9:40 – Harmonious Wail

10:40 – Djam / followed by campfire jams

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