Project Description

Mississippi Hot Club

“Over the past five years, this [quartet] has become one of the Midwest’s preeminent string bands. Originally an homage to French Gypsy Jazz, the quintet’s music has begun to take on a more eclectic, adventurous persona as other influences have crept into the palette.” -Twin Cities Jazz Fest

Mississippi Hot Club is inspiring a new generation of young swingers in Minnesota. With reverence and chops, Mississippi Hot Club’s new album, Swing Cities, shines light on the bold music of Django Reinhardt from a fresh pop-oriented perspective. Recorded at Wild Sound Recording Studio in Minneapolis, Swing Cities masterfully captures MHC’s spunky performances, featuring an upbeat approach to jazz manouche, hot club jazz, and gypsy jazz. Swing Cities captivates with its high caliber swing and rhythms that run from cool to fiery. Joshua Parlanti’s engaging improvisation on lead guitar is complimented by the fierce solos of violinist Alissa Jacobsen. This fearless duo is supported by la pompe rhythm guitarists Ian Stenlund and Luke Zupan, along with airtight upright bassist Joseph Downing. Spanning several eras of Django’s repertoire, Parlanti conveys his melodies on acoustic and electric guitar, playing with a recognizable “Gypsy” flair. His approach is soulful and refreshing, hitting on the more frisky verve that people in the 1930s heard in Django’s playing. On intimate ballads that round out the album’s spectrum of moods, Parlanti skillfully debuts dreamy Steinway piano performances. In a still growing jazz tradition now elevated in the Twin Cities, Swing Cities charmingly combines a vintage feel with modern artistry.