Project Description

While still in his teens, Don Stiernberg learned to play the mandolin from the innovative and influential virtuoso Jethro Burns. Jethro referred to Don as his “graduate student”, hired him to play in his band, and guided him to a career as a professional musician which has already lasted for decades.

A leading exponent of jazz mandolin style, Don has nine recording projects of his own and appears on many others by a variety of artists in all styles. The most recent of these is “Good Numbers“, a jazz CD by the trio. The numbers include standards, jazz tunes and one original. The trio includes two renowned Chicago jazz musicians. Guitarist Andy Brown is known for his brilliance with all facets of guitar playing in this style-accompaniment, blazing solo lines, and his own unique chordal style. Jim Cox is everyone’s favorite bass player, with performance and recording credentials ranging from Earl Hines to Judy Roberts to Marian McPartland to Rosemary Clooney and countless others. The trio has performed from Portland east to Portland west as well as overseas visits to festivals in Germany and Brazil. Their style might be described as swinging interpretations of accessible jazz material played acoustically on mandolin (and occasional vocal), guitar, and bass. Or in short… Good Pickin’ on the Good Numbers.