Project Description

Christo’s Novelty Combo

Christo Ruppenthal – Steel Guitar, Jazz Guitar, and Ukulele
Gian Compuesto – Jazz Guitar
Forrest Evans – Upright Bass

The Combo’s primary repertiore comes from Christo’s Antique Aloha and Café Allongé records.

“The highlight of Make Music Madison 2021 for me was seeing Christo’s Novelty Combo playing on the balcony of Bob Queen’s house on Clemons Street. Chris’ usual sharp guitar work was wonderfully supported in the new trio, particularly the bass player who took many engaging solos. Looking forward to hearing more from this band.”  – Terry O’ – Diaspora

What happened when Romani Gypsy Jazz guitar legend Django Reinhardt met Hawaiian steel guitar virtuoso Sol Hoopii? A new type of driving acoustic swing music was born! Well, actually that never did really happen. However it’s the exciting blending of styles that Christo’s Novelty Combo is built on.

Christo’s new Novelty Combo presents a high energy eclectic show.  He peppers in historical anecdotes about the music presented to give it context. Christo has had extensive performance experience in many settings including large music festivals, concert series, night club gigs, and private events.  His Combo is equally as comfortable on the main stage as is is in an intimate living room house concert. Their unique blend of “Hot Hawaiian meets Jazz à la Django” is always met with rave reviews!