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…   and Saturday Feb 4 is going to be stellar !    Man oh man the magic last night was undeniable.  Mal-O-Dua  played a super heartfelt set – thank you Chris Ruppenthal, Chris Wagoner, Mary Gaines and Sedrick.  Alfonso Ponticelli, John Bany and Tim Mulvenna were spot on and once again brought a standing O and a really warm encore.  Harmonious Wail played the last set – special guest appearances by Gonzalo Bergara and Chris Wagoner.

On to Saturday –  There are  handful of tickets available – Brown Paper Tickets have ended so it’s walk up sales – Get there early and you will most likely get a seat.  I’d say b4 7 should do it.

Milwaukee Hot Club with Harmonious Wail past guitarist Guy Fiorentini heats it up at 7:30 – Gonzalo Bergara, Ivan Pena and John Christensen take the stage at 8:45 ish ad Harmonious Wail will bring it all home at 10 (ish) — every body jumps up at the close of the night for a rousing tune — Minor Swing?? Dark Eyes ?? one never knows until it happens.

Thank yo ALL !! == Mark your calendars for Sept 15 and 16 at Art in the Barn

— and June 23 for a reunion of he Original Harmonious Wail at The Brink Lounge

—  Midwest Gypsy Swing Fest n-the-road — Harmonious Wail with Gonzalo Bergara have dates from

April 29-30 at The Colorado Gypsy Jazz Fest at Swallow Hill in Denver,

May 3 at The Des Moines Social Club,

May 4 at The Orpheum Theater in Marshaltown Iowa,

May 5 at The Pump Hpuse in LaCrosse WI

and May 6 at The Stoughton Opera House