We are very excited to announce that we have been awarded a matching grant to help with the cost of producing 2 excellent festivals each year. The grant comes to us through The Greater Madison Jazz Consortium and we are honored and excited to be working with them.

First off, thank you to all the past sponsors. If you can renew your sponsorship for 2013 we would love to have you in the fold again. If you can bump up your level of sponsorship and send the funds earlier than later, well we will double our love and keep producing excellent festivals.

If you have not been a sponsor in the past, now would be a great time to jump in. The MGSF works as well as it does (and it does work very well! ) because of sponsors (you) and volunteers (or you?) If you have never been to the festival, that is a good place to start. Once you feel the love and the excitement you will be asking — “how can I get involved and help secure the future of this great event?”

The matching grant aspect adds some immediacy to our fund raising. This is a super opportunity that we want to be sure to take advantage of and show our numbers to The GMJC soon.

The dates of 2013’s festivals are Feb 14, 15 and 16 — that is Valentines Day/Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The line up is Opus 4 from Paris, Stephane Wrembel, John Jorgenson, Alfonso Ponticelli, Caravan GSE, Jack Soref and yours truly Harmonious Wail.

The September fest is Sept 13 and 14 and so far we have Yorgui Loeffler and we are 90% of bringing Jessica Fichot.

One quick note – Arts Wisconsin is our fiscal receiver and sending funds to them will get you the tax deduction.


If you do not need the tax deduction the funds should be sent directly to the MGSF – ( more of your funds will go directly to the MGSF ) or contact sims@wail (that is also the user name for the paypal account)