Ok it is well into Jan, 2014 and el Simso needs to kick it into gear.  I have an open invite to partner with any of you out there to help me be more timely.  remember the Paul Shaeffer sceane in Spinal Tap – I’m not asking, I’m telling – do it for a man.

Ok enuf blather.  Here is where we are at this date.


Fri Feb 14

  • HWail with Jason Miller
  • We are launching a new venture.  Mark Croft and HW are going to “Gypsify” a set of his music. I think it will be awesome.
  • Plus one more – tba


Sat Feb 15

  • HW with David Adler and Jason Miller
  • Robin Nolan Trio,
  • Alfonso Ponticelli with Rami Gabriel on guitar and oud,
  • Jessica Fichot – we are maybe going to bring Jessica for Friday nite as well.

Ok – more asap