At long last we have the details for workshops


Go to Brown Paper Tickets and click on Sat Sept 13 – there you will find workshop info

– Saturday Sept. 13, 2014  – noon – 2pm

five separate workshops with;

Joscho Stephan – guitar –   Using a standard repertoire of classical Django tunes he will

explain in detail the technique and style oft he Gypsy Guitar.The techniques of the right

and left hand are presented and explained in detail.


Olli Soikkeli – guitar- … “combines astonishing dexterity and speed with pure soul …

among the worthiest current day successors to the legacy of the great Django.”

– Wall Street Journal


Alfonso Ponticelli, guitar – “Old School” Gypsy Workshop –
Learn the secrets the pros use to memorize songs faster without sheet music. We will play

with some traditional Sinti Gypsy songs, learn fun ways to enjoy your own guitar time

and take home at least five or ten new songs. Or your money back:)

Bring your tape recorders, steel or nylon guitars. 


Jack Soref – guitar – teaching a beginner level intro to Gypsy Jazz course – veteran of

MGSF workshops and Django in June


Jason Anick – violin – “Jason Anick is a rising star in the world of jazz violin”

-Downbeat Magazine


Steve Gibons – violin –  in addition to the usual gypsy jazz stuff,  middle eastern and

balkan knowledge – offering instruction in violin technique,

jazz violin improvisation and world music.  


Price for each workshop is $40 – bad news is they are all/each scheduled

for Sat. 9/13 noon to 2pm.

good news is you can also get a private lesson – I will connect you (

with your teacher of choice (or you can reach out on your own) and you can set it up

with said teacher.

– private lessons are separate and different from the workshops. Claro?