Project Description

Paquito and Sandro Lorier, father and son, hail from Alsace France. They are both virtuoso
guitarists steeped in the tradition of Jazz Manouche as well as Gypsy Rumba and Flamenco.
They come from a family of Manouche origin, which is where Jazz Manouche or “gipsy jazz” as
it’s known in the states, got its name.
Paquito has had an illustrious career playing both jazz manouche and gipsy rumba. He says that
one of his most inspirational moments was playing for Pope Jean Paul II. His song, entitled
“Paquito”, which he originally crafted for the film “Laisse vos Hains Sur Mes Hips” has been
recorded worldwide by many great artists. Paquito has performed with Joe Privat, Babik
Reinhardt (the son of Django Reinhardt). Luis Salinas as well as just about every famous jazz
manouche musician.
His son, Sandro is has grown to be quite a force of his own. After winning first place in the Paris
Young Talent contest for his playing in 2013, he has gone on to dominate festivals throughout
Europe, often performing with his father. In 2015 he released his first album entitled Gypsy
Favela and headlined the L’Olympia in Paris with his father in 2016. Sandro is unique in that he
doesn’t use a pick even when he is playing jazz manouche as most people do. He has
transferred his flamenco finger technique to all his playing and it is quite impressive to watch.