Project Description

Aaron has purposed to create a stage presence focused on engaging the audience with an entertaining, friendly, and good-humored performance. Aaron studied guitar for over 20 years before purchasing his first Gypsy Jazz guitar in 2008. He progressed in the style quickly, and in 2012 earned a spot as Joscho Stephan’s rhythm guitarist during US tours, four of which he has joined him on to date.

While having earned multiple Bachelor’s and one Masters degree in music, as is true with many musicians, Aaron considers his practical education to have come from performing on stage with actively working guitar heroes, including Joscho Stephan, Bjorn Thoroddsen, Robin Nolan, Denis Chang, Richard Smith, Greg Koch, Dave Beegle and Olli Soikkeli. Aaron continues his focused study of guitar under the remote tutelage of Argentine guitar master Gonzalo Bergara.

Aaron’s performance itinerary has taken him to nationwide festivals in the U.S. and international performances in Costa Rica, Iceland, and Germany.

Aaron has personally appeared in televised performances for the Food Network, PBS, and The Everyday Show, and in 2013 was a featured guest on Gestir Un Um Allt — the Icelandic version of Prairie Home Companion.