Fumée Gypsy Project’s new release, Reverie, blends traditional European jazz with a unique Chicago twist. Comprised of four incredibly versatile musicians, the band demonstrates their love of straight ahead jazz through a variety of French,American and German standard repertoire. Originally trained as a classical vocalist, band leader Christy Bennett uses her background to incorporate a love of foreign languages with rich vocal stylings and a deep knowledge of songbook jazz.


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Don Stiernberg Trio

"If the cliche "musician's musician" means anything of value, it means an artist with superb instrumental skills who subjugate their innate virtuosity to create sublime, sophisticated music. These rare individuals possess a unique knack for always supporting a melody or enhancing an arrangement instead of flaunting their well-oiled chops. And if that definition holds true, then Don Stiernberg can only be called a musician's musician's musician. Admired by every great mandolinist of his generation and the true protege of the legendary Jethro Burns, Stiernberg has crafted a lifelong legacy of inserting the well-turned phrase, the dramatic pause, a hummingbird-like tremolo or the unexpected "outside" note into solos that delight the casual listener and amaze mandolinists of every caliber."


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Harmonious Wail

Smoldering vocals laced among the jazzy mandolin and guitar; an infectious blend of continental jazz, swing, gypsy music and melodic vocals ...how DOES one describe the sound of Harmonious Wail?


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